7 Things To do in NYC Before Summer Ends

7 Things To do in NYC Before Summer Ends

Coney Island

Summer's fading, but there's still time to check off a few more things on your 2014 bucket list. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Ride the Thunderbolt at Coney Island. We know you've been meaning to get to Coney Island, and if the beach, boardwalk, people-watching, classic summer eats (hot dogs, funnel cakes, Italian ices!), Brooklyn Cyclones baseball and the aquarium aren't enough motivation, riding the new Thunderbolt roller coaster in its inaugural season is a must. Skeptical? Check out those loops.

2. Visit one of the newest ice cream spots like Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream (where you can get craziness like Szechuan peppercorn), Oddfellows, Ample Hills and Hay Rosie, which'll have a tasting room in its ice cream factory. Or, do your own taste-tesing around the boroughs and decide, once and for all, what the best spot in the city is to enjoy a frozen treat.

3. Go to an outdoor movie. Grab some wine, some Solo cups, convince a friend to stake out a spot before 5pm, and enjoy any of these outdoor movies for free.

4. Check out the new park on Governor's Island, which opened this summer. Take a stroll through Hammock Grove and then relax in one of the red hammocks. Truly a child explorer’s paradise, the new play structures include a wooden climbing jungle gym, a rope tower, and swings. And you can take advantage of numerous food offerings, including new vendors like Sweet Chili from Top Chef finalist Lisa FernandesMayhem & Stout, and DiSO’s Italian Sandwich society.

5. Explore the Hudson River. Up close. For free. What's more adventurous than floating out on the Hudson River? There are plenty of opportunities to explore New York's waterways on kayaks for free, so there's really no excuse to miss out. Hit up the Downtown Boathousethe Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathousethe LIC Community BoathouseRed Hook Boaters, or Kayak Staten Island.

6. Eat some lobster on City Island. A true hidden gem of the Bronx, City Island is only about a mile and a half long. But what this quaint summer spot lacks in size, it makes up for in fresh seafood — especially lobster. Come hungry, because you'll have your fair share of restaurants to choose from. Afterwards, walk it off along the waterfront, browse the local shops for antiques or learn more about this intriguing place at the City Island Nautical Museum. There's no better way to escape the city on a summer day without leaving the five boroughs. 

7. Drink (responsibly) on a rooftop. You've probably done this already, but anything worth doing once is certainly worth doing again. There are so many amazing rooftops in this city, you could spend every weekend at a different one and still not see them all. Every rooftop's vibe, view and cocktail menu is different, but they all come with that natural high caused by fresh air, city lights and the unbeatable feeling that you're on top of the world.

What is left to do on your Summer 2014 Bucket List?