Language of a Listing Through DISC

Language of a Listing Through DISC

This week as a part of Keller Williams NYC’s training programs, productivity coaches Ann Guttman and Michael Himes put on a program called “Language of a Listing through DISC.” This program explored the four different personality styles and how real estate agents can work with each one in an effective manner. To clarify, DISC stands for Drive, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

“I love DISC because it allows you to know how to communicate better,” Ann said during Thursday’s presentation. She and Michael have been teaching agents these valuable skills for several years now. Not only does being aware of the different personality types make you a better real estate agent, it also helps to bring self-awareness in every aspect of life. One of the most important messages during the training this week was that real estate agents are coaches and must direct their clients towards what they want because many people have a difficult time refining their wants from their needs and how to approach such things.

Ann and Michael had audience members play the roles of agents and sellers with each different personality type. During this time, Ann and Michael would give agents tips on which language would be better for them to use in order to improve their business skills, productivity and teamwork. The program indicated that while some people are very analytical and need to know every detail, others could be more impulsive. For example, while working with a “C” personality, it is important to speak in complete sentences with them and give them all of the information you know about the situation. Those who attended the class learned that while it can be difficult to work with certain personalities, there are ways to effectively take on these clients.