Top Coolest Offices in NYC

Top Coolest Offices in NYC

Known for its high number of corporate headquarters, New York City is bound to have a few that stand out from the rest. Scattered throughout Manhattan are the offices of some of the biggest corporations in the world and a few are recognized for features that would make anyone want to work there!

Starting off in Chelsea, we have the massive search engine corporation Google, whose office is right above Chelsea Market. This office is complete with scooters, Legos and soundproof rooms with drums and electric guitars. The two-story lounge even has slides to take employees to the lower level. For those at Google who prefer the “working from home” environment, one of the conference rooms is decorated like an apartment! There are five cafes that serve free food and a bookcase door that opens up to the hidden library.

Though nothing can compare to the extravagance of Google’s office, there are still other cool offices throughout the city. Beer seems to be a trend throughout New York’s most interesting offices, so why not kickoff the alcohol-themed portion of this post with one of the biggest beer giants in the world: Heineken! While it’s actually located in White Plains, NY, this office was too interesting to pass up on the list. Don’t worry, there’s also an office here in Midtown at 245 Park. Back in Westchester, the elevator façade is made of the company’s signature green glass bottles that are lit up to create an alluring effect. The main reception area is lined with vintage Heineken ads to remind those who enter of the corporations roots in the Netherlands. Every Thursday afternoon, a happy hour is hosted at the HQ’s bar that is stocked full of various Heineken branded beers. The company’s Vice President of Business makes sure everyone can pour their own beer because employees are required to go through “The Perfect Pour” training. Over in Soho is app company Fueled’s headquarters where the conference room is always stocked with whiskey and bourbon and the snack wall is home to mason jars filled with candy to give an extra boost of energy to those hard at work.

Another company known for its unique office space is Amazon, which is headquartered in Seattle. Their office is completely dog friendly and one of the buildings at their Seattle complex is named after the first dog to hang out in this workplace; he was a Corgi named Rufus who now has topiaries of himself in the lobby of the building. Perhaps these dog-friendly policies will be in place if Amazon’s negotiation at 1133 Avenue of the Americas is successful. The former home of the IRS has been vacated and Amazon plans to take over the 285,872 square foot space. Be sure to keep your eyes open for Amazon’s new location in the coming years!

Amazon is not the only pet friendly office space in NYC either. Previously mentioned companies such as Google and Fueled also allow pets in the office. Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters as well as Tumblr in the Flatiron District let employees bring their favorite four legged friends to work.