10 Things to Do in NYC’s West Village Neighborhood

10 Things to Do in NYC’s West Village Neighborhood

In addition to its vibrant history, the West Village neighborhood hosts a multitude of entertaining activities and events throughout the year. From food and holiday festivals to seasonal fairs and parades, there’s plenty to keep adults and children busy at all times. Residents of the West Village enjoy access to these top 10 local events.

Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour

West Village Walking Tour

One of the best ways to explore the West Village on foot, this three-hour walking tour highlights some of the neighborhood’s best eateries and historic places. During the journey, guests are able to sample food from local restaurants, including pizza, pastries, cookies, cheese and olives. Hot spots and top foodie destinations on the tour’s itinerary are Rocco’s Pastry Shop & Espresso Café, Joe’s Pizza, and Palma Restaurant. For tourists, new residents or NYC natives who might have missed a shop or two, the Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour is an enlightening experience for all who participate.

Catch a Film at the IFC Center

One of the only cinemas dedicated to independent film, the IFC Center is a fantastic place to experience something new. Between classic movies, special attractions and independent films, the IFC Center is a priority stop for film buffs. While attending a film at the IFC Center, visitors can purchase organic popcorn complete with natural butter, and select from 5 different cinemas with comfortable plush seating.

Play Chess and Listen to Live Music in Washington Square Park

A free (and always fun) way to spend time in NYC, a visit to Washington Square Park brings excitement and wonder to an otherwise average day in the city. A trip to the official Chess Shop near Washington Square Park will equip chess players with the knowledge and tools needed to battle the park’s proven masters, who can usually be found at any of the park’s many chess boards. Most weekdays and weekends, the park is host to live music performed by some of NYC’s finest street musicians and planned live acts.

Taste the West Village

Each year, foodies around NYC look forward to the annual “Taste the West Village” event. Partnering with over 30 restaurant vendors from the area, P.S. 41 holds the much-anticipated food fair. Generally held in the fall season, Taste the West Village is a perfect opportunity to gather with the family, raise money for a good cause (Washington Square Park) and explore some of the neighborhood’s most delicious food.

Visit Hudson River Park

Nestled between the West Village neighborhood and the Hudson River, Hudson River Park is home to two piers, a sports program for kids, art in the park and a dynamic variety of shops and restaurants. For children and adults who love to learn, the Hudson River Park offers classes on water safety, fish biology and other marine-related subspecialties. Whether planning to sit down and relax or looking for a new and interesting place to take your daily jog, the Hudson River Park has everything West Village residents love about the city.

Visit an Off-Broadway Show

West Village's Off-Broadway Show

Though Broadway isn’t far, residents of the West Village never have to commute very long before running into an off-Broadway show. From contemporary plays to classics, a variety of theater companies in NYC are committed to the art of drama. The West Village is located just south of NYC’s Theatre District, so the area is rich with opportunities to attend live shows. Specifically, favorite spots for off-Broadway shows include the 13th Street Repertory Company, Signature Center, and Minetta Lane Theatre.

Attend the Annual West Village Halloween Parade

Shortly after the fall season fully kicks in, the West Village’s Annual Halloween Parade follows. Held every year on October 31st, the parade features hundreds of well-decorated dancers, performers, and artists. A unique feature of the annual parade includes large, handmade puppets created by numerous artisans around the country. Typically receiving thousands of patrons, the annual Halloween Parade is an intriguing must-see for both tourists and West Village residents, and it continues to grow in popularity each year.

Visit the Annual Antiquarian Book Fair

Antiquarian Book Fair in West Village

Each February, Greenwich Village hosts the Annual Antiquarian Book Fair, which motivates dealers and collectors of antique books to meet. After exploring extensive collections, attendees can discuss the purchase of books directly with their sellers. Taking place over a span of three days, this event is widely acclaimed by antiquarian book collectors around the country.  Visitors can browse the collections for one afternoon or attend all three days.

Go Green by Participating in Recycling Events

As a community invested in the health of the earth and the availability of natural resources, the West Village hosts multiple recycling events throughout the year. From document shredding and electronics recycling, to large-scale efforts to clean up the neighborhood, the West Village’s recycling programs are a great way to reduce the environmental footprint left by NYC’s many residents. Approximately once per month, textile and clothing recycling events are held, during which unneeded items, such as bedding and clothing, are recycled.

Visit the Annual BBC Fine Arts and Crafts Fair

Held by the Bedford Barrow Commerce Block Association, the annual BBC Fine Arts and Crafts Fair is a much-anticipated event for area artisans. Featuring over 100 artists, the one-day show takes place outdoors in the quaint West Village. Attracting more than 10,000 visitors each year, the fair’s proceeds are donated to pay for the care and oversight of the area’s trees and plants. Representing diverse artistic talent, the BBC Fine Arts and Crafts Fair is an amalgamation of the area’s most creative minds.

Always Something to Do in the West Village

While not an exhaustive list, these ten activities portray a good representation of the variety afforded to residents of the West Village. Between visiting creative arts fairs to exploring the neighborhood’s best cuisine, the area is brimming with exciting activities and new opportunities. Whether you live alone, with a spouse or a family of 6, there’s always something fun to do in the West Village.

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