LUXURY DIVISION Listings $3 Million and Higher

Prestigious addresses, finely curated architectural details, bespoke finishes, and sumptuous amenities are only a few attributes of a luxury home in New York City.

Luxury agents are finely attuned to the details of the properties and how they may best align with the wants and needs of their clientele. Keller Williams NYC Luxury specialists are members of an exclusive, elite, sophisticated group of real estate professionals who raise the bar for service in the upper-tier home market.

Our agent network reaches across the United States to more than 24+ countries, creating opportunities to position properties to top agents and their discerning clientele.

We understand global trends and those within the specific market segment of a neighborhood in New York City. Our associates have their fingers on the pulse of the high-end market, unsurpassed skills and education, and have a robust network to exceed the expectations of their clients.