“Bad Dads” Art Show on August 7-9 Celebrates the Films of Wes Anderson

“Bad Dads” Art Show on August 7-9 Celebrates the Films of Wes Anderson

“Bad Dads” is the sixth annual fine-arts tribute to the quirky, colorful films of director Wes Anderson. More than 70 artists have contributed work in paint, pencil, pastel, and sculpture. You can expect homages to Anderson’s New York City masterwork The Royal Tenenbaums and (who knows?) maybe even an appearance by the director himself, who is a longtime resident of the City.

Bad Dads” is presented by Spoke Art, and is being held as an exclusive weekend pop-up show at Joseph Gross Gallery in New York City’s vibrant Chelsea arts district.

“Bad Dads” began six years ago as a pop-up exhibition curated by gallery owner Ken Harman and has now blossomed through the years into a highly anticipated, memorable, and often costumed art event. Gaining international recognition, the exhibition has evolved along with Anderson’s eight feature films (as well as numerous shorts and commercial features) giving each and every artist a well of inspiration to draw from.

Although Anderson’s films take us everywhere from a fictional pre-war Europe to the far reaches of India and even out to sea, New York City is home to one of Anderson’s first real successes, The Royal Tenenbaums. His palpable connection to New York is only made stronger by the fact that he resides there as well, and as the exhibition enters its sixth consecutive year, it only makes sense to host it in such an exciting and diverse city.

Comprised of original painting and sculpture as well as a multitude of limited edition prints, “Bad Dads VI” is a wide-ranging display of artistry from all over the world. Exhibiting a host of different styles and talents, each artist approaches their work with the same meticulous detail that Anderson approaches his. Drawing upon the stylized world that Anderson has set forth, each artist was free to choose their own film for subject matter, resulting in a spectacular range of character portraits, highly detailed environments and iconic themes and motifs, prominent in each of Anderson’s films.

Bad Dads VI is on view August 7th – 9th, 2015 at Joseph Gross Gallery in New York City.

Participating Artists: 100% Soft, Rebecca Mason Adams, Daliah Lina Ammar, Anarkitty, Brianna Angelakis, Christine Aria, Kelsey Beckett, Jill Bencsits, Johnny Bergeron, Ryan Berkeley, Joshua Budich, Ivonna Buenestro, Bungaloo, Sandi Calistro, Julian Callos, Keith Carter, Mar Cerada, James Charles, Matt Chase, Tracie Ching, Dan Christofersson, Charles Clary, Rhys Cooper, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Max Dalton, Jessica Deahl, Tim Doyle, Emily Dumas, Matt Dye, Epyon5, Valentin Fischer, Veronica Fish, Monica Garwood, Sam Gilbey, Rebecca Green, Lauren Gregg, Dominic Guidote, Justin Hager, Primary Hughes, Charlie Immer, Maria Suarez Inclan, Martine Johanna, Tim Jordan, Alex R Kirzhner, Bartosz Kosowski, Calvin Lai, Conor Langton, Nan Lawson, Micah LeBrun, Adam Lister, Kemi Mai, Scott Mitchell, Guillaume Morellec, Danielle Murray, Rueben Negron, Conor Nolan, Chelsea O’Byrne, Lily Padula, Anna Pan, Rich Pellegrino, Audrey Pongracz, Patrycja Podkościelny, Michael Ramstead, Fernando Reza, Matt Ritchie, Michelle Romo, Rebecca Rose, Daniel Speight, Meghan Stratman, Mike Stilkey, Dean Stuart, Jess Suttner, Mandy Tsung, Van Orton, Casey Weldon, Helice Wen, Bec Winnel, and Alice X Zhang.