Luxury Movie Theater Being Added to South Street

Luxury Movie Theater Being Added to South Street

The South Street Seaport plans keep getting better and better. Now it appears that they have added a high-end movie theater to its plethora of new haunts that will surely resuscitate the area.

According to the Post, the luxury movie theater chain IPic is planning to open at the Seaport with a sprawling 40,000-square-foot location that will spoil moviegoers looking to splurge on their film experience. The theater, which will combine the amenities of a private screening room reminiscent of those found in L.A. with a first-class air flight, is being brought in by the Howard Hughes Corporation in hopes that this added attraction to their Seaport renovations will lure more New Yorkers and tourists.

The 505-seat complex will open at 11 Fulton Street sometime in 2015, and the city’s cinema enthusiasts will surely be eager to indulge in all its glorious offerings, including waiters who will come to a theatergoer’s seat with their ordered snacks. The snacks they will sell exclusively are not just of the chips variety—try filet mignon sliders, grilled chicken satay, and Thai coconut shrimp.

These same waiters will also be available to take requests from a movie goer’s seat via call buttons. The seats are even designed to have additional aisles between every two seats so the servers can easily respond to the viewers’ every beck and call with nary an interruption. “Everything is being specially designed so that waiters can serve theatergoers without interrupting anyone’s entertainment experience,’’ said president and CEO Hamid Hashemi via the Post.

The tickets at the eight auditorium IPic Theater will range from $14 to $28, with the lower ones coming sans waiter and with concession food. The IPic high-end movie theater company was founded in Milwaukee back in 2007 and has had immense success. They have already opened eight locations across the country, and the Seaport will be the first in New York.