Top Ten Celebrity Buildings in NYC

Top Ten Celebrity Buildings in NYC

New York has long been a magnet for the rich and famous. This Tuesday we have a look at the swanky NYC buildings where our favorite local celebs call home.

The San Remo. Credit- Jean-Christophe Benoist1. San Remo Apartments, 145 Central Park West

This iconic co-op boasts 138 spacious apartments – many of which have been inhabited by big name celebs. The exclusive list includes, but is not limited to, Dustin Hoffman, Mary Tyler Moore, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland, Paul Simon, Barry Manilow, Diane Keaton, Bono, Donna Karan, Glenn Close, Rita Hayworth and the three Steves: Jobs, Martin and Spielberg.


The Eldorado Cooperative Building. Credit: Beyond My Ken2. Eldorado, 300 Central Park West

Runner up is the Eldorado, located just a few blocks north from the star-studded San Remo. This striking Art Deco number has housed scores of celebs over the decades. In fact, Bruce Willis recently gave up his San Remo pad in favor of an $8.7 million apartment at the rival hot spot. He’ll be joining the ranks of many other famous residents including Bono, Michael J. Fox, Richard Dreyfuss, Faye Dunaway, Moby and Carrie Fisher


The Beresford. Credit: David Shankbone3. The Beresford – 211 Central Park West

If you haven’t realized by now, Central Park West is kind of popular with the super wealthy and super famous. Coming in third is the Beresford, located at 211 Central Park West, right in between the Eldorado and San Remo. Residents past and present include Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Streep, Calvin Klein, Tatum O’Neil Isaac Stern, Diane Sawyer everyone favorite 80s tennis legend, Jonny McEnroe.


The Apthorp. Credit: Jim Henderson4. The Apthorp – 2207 Broadway, Upper West Side.

Ever since its opening in 1908, The Apthorp and all its Italian Renaissance glory has never ceased to impress. It’s undergone countless renovations and expansions and just few years ago it took the big condo conversion plunge. There’s never a dull moment at the Apthorp and perhaps that’s why the nig names love it. Tenants have included Al Pacino, Conan O’Brien, Rosie O’Donnell and Cyndi Lauper. For a while there, even Oprah was considering the extravagant landmark as her potential New York nest.


173 and 176 Perry Street5. 173/176 Perry Street, West Village

Richard Meier’s sleek trio of apartment blocks along the Westside Highway have seen a many a celeb come and go over the past ten years. Jim Carey rented for a while – as did Hugh Jackman before deciding to splash the cash on a triplex in the 176 address. Sadly this West Village hot spot suffered a mass exodus a few years ago when one-time residents Nicole Kidman, Martha Stewart and Heather Mills all up and left. Don’t worry, Hugh hasn’t been left entirely on his own. He has neighborino, Calvin Klein to keep him company.


Soho Mews. Credit: Manattan Scout6. Soho Mews, 311 West Broadway

When this swanky Soho complex opened up in 2007 it didn’t take long to attract big names. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were the first to pounce, snatching up the bazillion dollar penthouse. Oscar de la Renta bought his son, Moises, a pad there one year later and just a few months ago, Jessica Chastain snagged one of the coveted building’s no-fee apartments.


15 Central Park West. Credit: Peter Bond7. 15 Central Park West

Once the talk of the town, 15 CPW has enjoyed a steady flow of rich and famous since its 2008 opening. In addition to bunch of billionaire bank execs, this to-die-for apartment block is also where you’ll find Denzel Washington and Sting when they’re in town.


Trump World Tower. Credit: Willem van Bergen8. Trump World Tower, United Nations Plaza

Although this uber-plush residential juggernaut has hosted a number of celebs, none of them actually stuck around for long, hence its 8th place ranking. Former lodgers include Bruce Willis, Janet Jackson and New York Yankee, Derek Jeter. Even Donald Trump himself snubbed the World Tower in favor of his famous Fifth Avenue building.


195 Hudson Street, Tribeca9. 195 Hudson Street, Tribeca

This unsuspecting address in Tribeca is most widely know for its famous penthouse and the two superstars who inhabit it: Jay Z and Beyonce. The couple caused quite a stir when they hosted their wedding at the address in 2008 and again last year when Jay Z purchased a generator for the building following the power cuts caused by Hurricane Sandy. Duncan Sheik also called 195 Hudson Street home up until 2008. Nowadays the only other celeb aside from Hip Hop’s biggest couple is reality star Bethenny Frankel.


1 Morton Square. Credit: Manhattan Scout10. 1 Morton Square, West Village

We all know that A-listers love the West Village. While most celebs in this trendy neighborhood reside in Federal Style townhouses, there are a few star-studded apartment complexes we shouldn’t forget about. Nothing could beat Richard Meier’s Perry Street towers but trailing not too far behind in the celebrity real estate stakes is 1 Morton Street. This is where Daniel Radcliffe crashes when he’s in town. His Harry Potter co-star, Alan Rickman, is also rumored to live here. Oh and who could forget the Olsen twins – they did a five years stint at 1 Morton Square while they were at college.