Welcome to Sunnyside (Queens, NY)

Welcome to Sunnyside (Queens, NY)

When looking for new digs in the Big Apple, those in the know head over to the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens. Known for its affordable housing options, pleasant tree-lined streets, and unhurried pace, it is sometimes difficult to believe that the area is a mere fifteen minutes from midtown Manhattan. Born following the completion of the Queensboro Bridge a century ago, Sunnyside is a vibrant neighborhood populated with singles, young professionals, small families, and a multicultural feel that offers a bevy of diverse dining options.
Historic Neighborhood


The neighborhood of Sunnyside is a jewel tucked into the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge. Loosely bordered on the south by the Long Island Expressway, the New Calvary Cemetery to the east,and the Sunnyside Shipyards to the west and north, the neighborhood is dominated by low-rise apartment buildings, whose red brick facades are an expression of iconic turn of the century New York City. Indeed, most of the housing stock of co-ops and condominiums consists of buildings constructed prior to 1939, and many were constructed even earlier. As such, the streets are lined with gracious residences that comprise one of the highest concentrations of historic dwellings in the United States. 
Home to the nation’s first planned community, Sunnyside Gardens, is a seven-block enclave that was inspired by the Garden Movement and featuresprimarily one-, two-, and three-family homes, with a few apartment buildings sprinkled in the mix. Each family unit has a small individual garden that butts up against a shared interior courtyard. Perhaps the most defining neighborhood characteristic is the kitschy Sunnyside Arch, which welcomes visitors to the neighborhood with recognizable élan. 
Ethnically Tasty



The area has expanded over the past four decades to include a myriad ofAsian, Eastern European, and Latin flavors. This international blend means thatarea residents have a variety of options when it comes to sampling an array ofethnic cuisine. Particularly notable,Queens Boulevard, and Skillman Avenues are nexuses for local eateries thathighlight ethnic food favorites.