City of Water Day Festival on July 12

City of Water Day Festival on July 12

Herman Melville once described New York as an insular city belted round by wharves, and its inhabitants as landsmen in their daily routines, but drawn in their idle hours, as if by some magnetic pull, toward the waters that surrounds them. 

City of Water Day Festival

MWA’s City of Water Day Festival is a free day-long celebration of the world-class potential of the water that surrounds us and brings us together.  Held on Governors Island and Maxwell Park in Hoboken, NJ–the event draws thousands of people from throughout the NY-NJ metropolitan region to participate in hundreds of unique, fun, and educational waterfront activities organized by MWA and its 700 Alliance Partners.  The events run between 10am – 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 12th.  

The annual City of Water Day Festival, organized by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, recognizes those surrounding waters and their allure with harbor tours, fishing, free entertainment and live music, and education for kids and adults alike about the ways this harbor city interacts with its waterways.