Dating 101 Using the Real Estate Pre-Qualification Method!

Dating 101 Using the Real Estate Pre-Qualification Method!

Have you ever wondered how you could maximize your time to accomplish your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks/goals without being interrupted by unnecessary distractions? Well, I have some great tricks to share with you today that involves real estate and dating, that will inevitably save you time, wasted effort, and equity!!

I can’t think of another profession quite like real estate in which the importance of pre-qualification plays such an intricate part to the success of the professional! So a great idea if your single would be to have some fun and ask these questions on your next date! Why not? Before you know it, you’ll be making the equation by asking yourself, “if I were a real estate agent would I want to invest my time with this person?” If the answer is ‘yes’, score! If the answer is ‘no’, politely thank them for their time and tell them “you’ll stay in touch” 😉


Provided below are a few pre-qualification questions. Which ones are your favorite? Which ones have you asked before? What questions would you add? Feel free to share away!


1) Are you currently employed?

2) How long have you been employed with this company?

3) Are you looking for a roommate?

4) What area do you want to live in and why?

5) How’s your credit?

6) Where do you currently live?

7) Are you looking to buy?

8) Do you have any pets?

9) Where would your ideal home be located and how would it look?

10) Are you from this state?

11) How large is your bed?

12) Will you be on time when we’re scheduled to meet?

13) What’s your Salary? We’ll need a confirmation via company letter head stating salary and time of employment.

14) Do you need a guarantor?

15) Do you need a large Kitchen?



Edited by Madeehah Shaheed