Manhattanhenge: New York’s Right of Spring

Manhattanhenge: New York’s Right of Spring

It’s Baaack! One of the coolest in urban, if not, universal phenomena will indeed be taking place this evening in the city: it’s…Manhattanhenge!

Just before sunset, right around 8 p.m., the sun will directly line up with Manhattan’s cross streets for about 15 mins in a rare celestial event, creating an absolutely breathtaking landscape in a half-sun form. For those minutes, the streets will become swathed in peachy picturesque luminescence as a clear view of the setting sun will become visible amidst the skyscrapers.

Manhattanhenge was first popularized by the head of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil deGrasse Tyson who created the name after he found the rare occurrence reminiscent of the Stonehenge, where the sun comes to a unique alignment with several of the world wonder’s stones on the summer solstice like it does with Manhattan’s street grid.

To catch the best views tonight head to the East Side and hang out on the major cross streets such as 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th. Wherever you go, be sure to arrive early as crowds are predicted to be large this year.

Also, don’t forget to come equipped with a camera to capture the incredible sunset!

If for some reason you can’t make it tonight, you will actually have another chance to see it on July 12, so mark your calendars!
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