New York Oyster Week 2014

New York Oyster Week 2014


New York Oyster Week, held this year from September 12 through September 28, is a celebration of New York's sense of adventure and ingenuity through events and dining. 

Oysters share a particularly rich place in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of New York.  This considerable contribution to the physical and economic construction of New York City is shared by the Oystermen, restaurants, sponsors and consumers that make up the community of this growing movement.

Each September, New York Oyster Week presents opportunities to gather and enjoy oysters in exciting and engaging events of all sizes and shapes. The events are created to cater to the tastes and geographies of enthusiasts and the curious alike. The other half of the Oyster week experience takes place in an impressive collection of distinguished New York City restaurants. The chefs and proprietors of marquee fish houses, raw bars and oyster friendly venues will serve up their take on the oyster with a featured Oyster Week oyster themed menu item or pairing.

Oyster Week exists to a provide a fun an engaging platform through which all can experience and celebrate oyster culture and community in ways that fit various personal styles and schedules. Its aim is to facilitate an experience that satisfies oyster lovers and engage the bivalve curious. The event's founders hope to promote awareness and appreciation for the Oystermen, aquaculture and care required to bring these products from dock to dish. They strive to create significant attention, action adoption and advocacy for our participating chefs, restaurants, sponsors and beneFISHiaries.