Stephanie Reilly On: Her Ideal Place to Live in the City, Must Haves, and Much More

Stephanie Reilly On: Her Ideal Place to Live in the City, Must Haves, and Much More

Each week we have one of our standout KW agents or brokers go through a quick yet engaging interview to take a look into what drives our top New York City real estate professionals and what keeps them so dedicated to their clients.

Stephanie Reilly is a KWNYC Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, specializing in Manhattan rentals and sales. With a background in the fashion business, she knows what real customer service requires and how to cater to every client in a thorough and straight-forward manner.

1. What made you choose real estate as a career? Freedom and unlimited earning potential!

2. What is your favorite thing about this career? It’s different everyday so I’m never bored or have nothing to do!

3. What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of it? Managing multiple clients at the same time while providing excellent service.

4. If you could live in any New York City building which would it be and why? The Mark on Madison Avenue. The interiors, location and hotel amenities would be a dream!

5. Favorite book or movie? Devil Wears Prada, because that was my exact experience when moving to NYC to work in the fashion industry.

6. Favorite restaurant? Club A Steakhouse [on 240 East 58th Street in Manhattan]

7. Who is your role model and why? My business partner Gina Argento, because she has found a way to manage a large real estate company and be a super mom to three kids all while being the most generous person I know.

8. What 3 words best describe you? Ambitious, persistent and adaptable.

9. One item you can’t live without? My Chanel handbags.

10. Your proudest moment? Graduating college summa cum laude and being a self-sufficient entrepreneur since I was 18 years old.