Tudor City to Open Up for a First-Ever One Day Tour

Tudor City to Open Up for a First-Ever One Day Tour

After holding the notorious title as one of the most rarely seen complexes in Manhattan, Tudor City is allowing visitors on April 26th, from 11am-3:00pm, to take an unprecedented walking tour through its buildings and even certain units—all to benefit the exquisite bastion’s two landmark parks.

Known for being the first residential skyscraper complex in the world, built back in 1929, Tudor City is one of New York City’s premier exclusive communities within Turtle Bay. Traversing East 40th street to East 43rd and First and Second Avenues, Tudor City affords plenty of amenities to its more than 2,000 residents, a high number of whom are United Nations workers. The “city” complex boasts its own shops, salons, services, and restaurants. Visitors will catch glimpses of its grounds as they explore apartments, learn about its architecture, and enjoy its rarely seen gardens and rooftops.

Tudor City’s neighbors are, indeed, the United Nations, the Chrysler building, and the Empire State building, on what can arguably be called one of the most bustling corners of Manhattan, yet the complex itself still manages to remain cloaked with the rather favorable reputation of being a private oasis amidst its Midtown counterparts.

Although units don’t come on the market often, KWNYC has indeed had the opportunity to successfully list units there, that can attest to the complex’s various styles of properties and prices.

The tour’s tickets are $45 for one person or $75 for two. All proceeds go toward the preservation of Tudor City’s two surrounding parks, which attained the respected landmark status when its denizens fought to save them from being converted into additional towers in 1988. For more information on the not-for-profit Tudor City Greens organization that is hosting the event, please visit www.facebook.com/TudorCityGreens or www.tudorcitygreens.org.



The featured apartments will be:

1. Apt. 3206, 320 East 42nd Street,

Woodstock Tower A 4-Star Kitchen

This kitchen is planned to become a focal point for the visitors on the tour as exquisite details of etched -brass and granite counters flawlessly complement the stove and the free-form glass dining table that receives its support only from a sculptured base. The unit is home to a perfect combination of oriental and midcentury-modern décor that includes feathered sconces in the bedrooms. It also enjoys spectacular views, which at night are perfect for appreciating the display of city lights.

2. Apt. 4D, 2 Tudor City Place,

Tudor City Gardens Big, Bright, and Oh, Such a Bath!

This lofty, 1,750 square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit is known for its gorgeous basking windows that permit sunlight to pour in and captivate and awe its visitors. Originally two separate units, this apartment now enjoys an open-floor kitchen equipped with rosemary green CaesarStone counters and a white CaesarStone island that presents itself right at the edge of the dining area and leads seamlessly to the living room. The unit also enjoys an en-suite master bathroom and dressing room comprised of statuary marble, supposedly reminiscent of a hotel.

3. Apt. PH1, 5 Tudor City Place,

Windsor Penthouse: Haute Yet Humble

Officially called a studio, this penthouse is actually two stories. Stone pillars topped with dramatic gargoyles line terra-cotta terraces that permit astonishing views of its neighboring landmarks, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. This 3,000 square-foot, two-bedroom penthouse enjoys 22-foot ceilings, fireplace, and library.

4. Apt. 15E, 2 Tudor City Place,

Tudor City Gardens Entertainment Center

This unit is rumored to enjoy a living room equipped with a grand piano, white oak floors, distinct geometric-patterned rugs, and light blue walls. The kitchen displays copper accents and breathtaking views of the city that are even better from its terraces. It also is said to have hidden ironing boards and a coffee table that will transform to seat eight.

5. Apt. 1337, 5 Tudor City Place,

Windsor Innovative Beyond Measure

Said to be designed by Kittie Lonsdale, the complex’s 10’ by 17’ studio apartment enjoys an office and even a luxurious bathroom with a mirrored vanity and marble tiles, despite being made from a 225-square-foot space! Its granite-laced kitchen also enjoys a mosaic backsplash that adds texture and complements its additional granite counter top fridge and cabinets fitted with roll-out trays and organizers. A stove top burner is said to be designed to roll out of a dining bar and be positioned out of sight. The furniture was also carefully designed to provide luxurious comfort amidst the unit’s limited space and has been described as pieces of “art and innovation.”