Get Your Tickets for the NYC Craft Beer Festival on March 25-26

Get Your Tickets for the NYC Craft Beer Festival on March 25-26

Get your tickets now for the NYC Craft Beer Festival on March 25 – 26.

Seventy-five participating breweries from across the country are each expected to showcase two of their finest offerings (about 150 beers total) with a strong emphasis on their Limited Release and Seasonal selections.

From the established craft brewers to the mid-majors and up-and comers, the diversity and creativity of the Craft Brewing Community has proven to be limitless.  For the Grand Tasting, organizers will be featuring an extensive variety of these artisanally produced creations from the top breweries at the largest beer event in the New York City.

Almost every restaurant and bar serves craft beer these days. When you’re out at a bar or restaurant, how do you choose the right craft beer? Craft beer bars typically offer a dizzying array of uniquely named beers that change regularly. Selections and variety are wonderful things, but they can make the ordering process a bit intimidating and daunting. You certainly do not want to order 16 ounces of something that is not to your taste.

Whether you are a beer aficionado with a wealth of beer knowledge, a seasoned beer drinker, or someone who is new to the craft beer scene, Hand Crafted Tasting Co.’s Craft Beer Festivals’ mission is to give you the opportunity to taste a large number craft beer selections, many seasonal, in one place at one time. No matter your level of beer knowledge, you will leave knowing more than when you arrived.

More than just a tasting event, you can take advantage of the Festival’s learning initiatives. Discover what ingredients you like best in your beer at the Sense Lab, experience the interactive seminars presented by industry luminaries and have personnel one on one Q&A discussions with the Cicerones and industry experts at the Craft Concierge Center. The Festival is geared specifically towards helping you discover which brands and/or which specific beers appeal most to you.

Finally, the Festival offers some beers that are hard to find and not at every local craft beer bar. Be the first to sample some very unique offerings so you can make the suggestion to your favorite bar as to what they should pour next. Have a great time and leave knowing exactly what you want the next time you head out to your local craft beer bar.

All tickets will gain entry into the venue for at least 2 1/2 hours of unlimited beer tasting. All attendees will receive a complimentary souvenir tasting glass and have access to the Craft Concierge Center. VIP ticket holders will be given an extra hour and first access to the event. Please take good care of your tasting glass, as organizers will not be issuing extras to those who break them.

Tickets typically range from $45-$85 depending on the ticket type. Each session will hold approximately 1,200 people. You must have separate tickets to go to both sessions. Each session is separately ticketed and at the end of the first session all attendees clear out in preparation for the next session. Designated Driver Tickets are avaukabke at $25 per person. This just allows entry into the venue but no alcohol service.

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