Slashed Uber Fares Threaten NYC’s Taxis

Slashed Uber Fares Threaten NYC’s Taxis

You may now want to reconsider hailing down one of New York City’s yellow cabs and using the Uber app to get across town instead. As of July 7th, 2014, the convenient car service has officially decreased its prices by twenty percent!

The announcement was made in a post on Uber’s blog, which also included several graphs that compared prices between traditional New York City taxis, Uber’s old prices, and their new ones. For example, before the discount it would have cost $24 to take a taxi from Grand Central to the Financial District and $28 to take an Uber car. However, now it will only cost $22 to get from Grand Central to FiDi.

This discount only applies to the UberX cars, which is one of four options the company offers to the public in cities around the world. The UberX cars can be anything from a Lincoln Towncar to a Toyota Camry or a Chrysler 300. The company is always looking for more Uber drivers and as a result of these lower rates, there will be more demand for drivers. Drivers will continue to earn 80% of the lower fare.

Uber also travels between boroughs, making it convenient to get from one place to another anywhere in New York City. This cheaper fare will be especially helpful on these stiflingly hot NYC summer days. Not only does Uber operate in NYC, but also in over 120 other cities worldwide!

These rates are only temporary for now but the company also said in the post that “The more you ride, the more likely we can keep them this low!”, so it’s a good chance the decreased prices will be here to stay.



Edited by Madeehah Shaheed