The World Cup Through the Eyes of a New Yorker

The World Cup Through the Eyes of a New Yorker

With the coming of the FIFA World Cup 2014, many eyes in the melting pot of New York City turned excitedly and feverishly towards Brazil. Over the course of four weeks, the pulsing energy smoldering from the fields and stadiums throughout Brazil reached the streets of New York. From Greenwich Village to Midtown, Manhattan pulsated along with the rest of the world in celebration of the legendary games.  New Yorkers cheered on as the U.S. team pushed through until they were ultimately defeated by Belgium in the round of 16. The electric atmosphere in venues across New York created a unique vibe, in which Americans and foreigners alike rejoiced in their victories and grieved in their failures.


June 14th – England vs Italy at Soldier McGee Tavern
The Upper West Side is a charming neighborhood of Manhattan that offers a plethora of bars and restaurants. Situated on the corner of IMG_0139.JPGAmsterdam Avenue and West 83rd Street, Soldier McGee Tavern was the perfect spot to capture the excitement of the age-old rivalry between England and Italy at one of the very first games of the World Cup. Ultimately, Italy beat England with a final score of 2-1, leaving the Azzurri basking in glory. From the fields of the stadium in Manaus on the banks of the Amazon to the corners of New York City streets, a diversity of fans flooded Soldier McGee Tavern in support of the teams, and for the love of soccer. Soldier McGee’s provided excellent service for roaring soccer fans all afternoon, their assortment of beers and ciders were sure to appease any devoted supporter. This neighborhood tavern also provides an affordable food menu boasting the “cheapest hamburgers in town” for only $3, perfect to be washed down with a glass of Estrella Damm beer for loyal Barcelona fans!


July 1st – Belgium vs USA at BXL East
Tensions were high at BXL East, an authentic Belgian café in Midtown as the USA and Belgium fought strongly to continue on to the quarterfinals. Located on East 51st Street and 2nd Avenue, the ambiance at BXL East was a far cry from the vibe at any American venue. The Belgians cheered on as their fierce team dominated the stadium in Salvador, nearly 4,000 miles away. The persistent supporters of the Red Devils enjoyed a wide array of original Belgian beers and fare. From hardy Chimay and Duvel to delectable moules-frites, BXL East is one of three cafes in Manhattan providing genuine Belgian cuisine. At the end of the day, the Red Devils defeated the USA in the last match in the round of 16.


July 8th – Brazil vs Germany on Little Brazil Street
Ipanema restaurantWalking down West 46th Street between 5th and 6th avenues, one would believe they just landed in the bustling Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo. After a triumphant 2-1 win over Colombia, a Selecão Brasileira and countless fans were determined to dominate the Cup. On July 8th, Brazil experienced history in the making as they were shockingly crushed by Germany. The sounds of Brazilian disappointment and defeat could be heard vividly on Little Brazil Street, thousands of miles away from the legendary match in the southern city of Belo Horizonte. As halftime crept in, supporters were stunned at the score – “cinco-zero?!” they shrieked in horror as their beloved team pressed on. The classic bars and restaurants of Little Brazil were all completo   during the groundbreaking match. One can enjoy a fresh caipirinha at Via Brasil, a traditional restaurant with floor tiles reminiscent of the unique promenade along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Situated side by side on West 46th street approaching 5th Avenue, Ipanema Restaurant and Emporium Brasil are elegant dining spots to try a variety of savory Brazilian meats and catch a partida de futebol.

July 13th – FINAL: Germany vs Argentina at 100 Montaditos
On the quaint streets of Greenwich Village, lies the New York location of the Spanish chain, 100 Montaditos. Despite the fact that the former World Champs were out of the running, 100 Montaditos located on Bleecker Street had an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the games. Fans piled into the venue for the momentous final match between soccer giants Germany and Argentina. German and Argentine fanatics alike watched anxiously through a stagnant match until Mario Götze of Germany swept the Cup away for his team with a single goal in the 113th minute. With several locations in Europe as well as the Americas, 100 Montaditos specializes in tiny sandwiches that can be perfectly paired with a refreshing Spanish beer. The décor is styled to replicate the old-fashioned taverns that are peppered throughout remote villages and large cities across Spain.